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2017 Events

Feb 15 TCRBC CNY Dinner 雞年團拜

Grand Lake Chinese Cuisine & Banquet 太湖海鮮粵菜 @ Hwy 7 & Kennedy ($35 per person)



2016 Events

May 23 Long Weekend Simcoe - Our first long ride for 2016 season!

This is the traditional 100KM route we do, and this marked the ramp up for our 2016 season.  Fun ride with the gangs!  After our regular Sunday ride through out April and early May, our members got all gear up and decided to visit the beautiful Lake Simcoe and the taste hot dog stand!  We ride up Warden, touch Simcoe with a hot dog, then head back in touch for our lunch.  No pain no gain, could be a bit early in the season for some, but for sure a fun ride :)

Jun 5 Ride for Heart

This is our fourth year we support the initiate, and again another fun year.  Over 40 participants under our Toronto Chinese Road Bike Club team with riders, walkers and runners.  Not like last year, there is no rain and we can stay dry the whole way.  Besides the fun riding with the group on DVP/Gardiner, we also helped to raise over $14K as a group for the Heart and Stroke foundation.  Great team work!!!

Jun 12 Annual Club BBQ

BBQ always goes well after the ride.  That was such a nice day for BBQ, sunny with nice breeze and we all dosed up burgers, hot dogs, steaks and tones of laughs....life just can't be better.

July 10 Crazy Ride 300 to Support CareFirst

Third year in a row, our famous CRAZZZZYYYYY Ride 300KM.  Three guys decided to stretch every piece of their muscle to finish a 300KM ride around Lake Simcoe, with another 20'ish riders show their supports to ride with them in various distances - 50KM, 100KM, 160KM, 220KM, 260KM.  The good part is, the group DID NOT get smaller, we just shift up to the support car to row with the riders....just another fun day!